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Somewhere back in time, Stikey and I were sitting in a kind of fort that we built out of tree branches, by a fire when he told me about the rabbit hole and how and where to find it.

Those early runs, we did a lot of them together, down into the hole, twisting through those crazy tunnels, digging new passages, unstoppable in every way.

Later he caught something down there, he got sick, those tunnels and the places they lead were full of spores and he just breathed in too many.


His grip on the world outside the Hole was lost and most of us, we thought he was done for.

But he fought back, he got back up by himself, and by himself he boarded the Hole up and bolted it shut, and hasn’t gone back since.

He’s smart, as adept at running a company as he is at fleecing you for every cent you have across a poker table. Money slides like mercury toward him and of all my friends, you bet your ass he will be the first to make a million.

There’s this line that Big Red used to say everytime he saw Stikey when we were growing up, it was a question, ‘Is he a Greek God, or a goddamn greek?’

The answer, I think, is that he’s both, which makes him a stand up guy to have on your side, but not a guy you’d want to fuck with if he isn’t.


Bright Sunshiney Day

Sometime yesterday afternoon the sky opened after nearly a week, and sunlight, washed clean and pure, began pouring through the clouds.



J-Rab had to work and so, besides writing yesterday’s post, I didn’t do anything until she came home at lunchtime.

It was bliss. Cold and rainy outside, me hammering words out, warm in my Writer’s Uniform (dressing gown) and getting some good shit, stuff I’m proud of, out in words.

If you can get the right words out in the right order, you can create magic.

Later I tidied the flat tirelessly and got the place looking like humans live here and J-Rab and I walked across the road for pizza. We walked through the early dusk, past the roads ruined by rain and the red incandescent glow of the sex shop that’s painted mauve inside and lit entirely in bleached white light.

The pizza turned out to be excellent, despite the fact that the inside of the restaurant  looked like a kind of faux Olde English Pub / Dungeon.



We decided to watch Paranormal Activity and got about halfway through it before J-Rab asked me in a ‘this is not funny anymore’ voice to please switch it off and I agreed almost instantly.

It’s a freaky, freaky ass movie. Think Blair Witch Project only in a house instead of in the woods and cut the cast down to a total of four people, two of whom only have cameo roles in the movie.

It’s the kind of movie where you know the evil that threatens them is closing in constantly and there’s no way they can avoid it.

So we watched porn instead, much safer alternative.



Good times 😉