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If you think your company is rad, think again

I really don’t have much today guys, I’m sorry. 2009 is basically over, I seriously doubt there are many people left actually working right now except for a handful of poor saps like me (says the guy who has no leave left because he used it all up in July / August when he spent 3 weeks in the Algarve in Portugal, yeah, who’s jealous now bitch!).

Ahem! Where was I…?

Oh yeah, so I feel bad because I haven’t written one of those soppy year-end ‘My life in 2009’ or maybe ‘Highlights of 2009’ or even just ‘Please fuck off 2009’ posts, but hey, there’s still another 13 days left of this big, ugly bastard so maybe I’ll get around to it in the space between Xmas and New Year when I’m on leave.

Ahh, leave. Sweet, sweet summer leave. I think I’m going to spend my time off redesigning this site a little, tweaking stuff here and there, adding more pages, making the whole experience more streamlined.

Otherwise I just really want to read and lie in the sun and do as little as possible. Good times 😉

So, with no further ado, lemme show you why my company is 10 times radder than yours could ever be.

May I present to you the newest member of Tribeca PR, Bella:



Then I came up with an ingenious method of finishing those last few drops of milk that are always left in my cereal bowl:



Promptly thereafter puppy-lups decided to take a well deserved time out after her exciting morning:



Guys, it doesn’t get much cuter than that. Remember when life was that simple? Those were good times I tell ya.

Have a killer weekend, good luck with the Xmas shopping and I’ll catch you all for a long, killer Saturday Post tomorrow.