Meeeerrrrryyyyyy Christmas!

It’s been a cu-razy year, but I feel like it’s been a good one and so, to get into the festive spirit of things, I decided to write a Christmas well wishing list of all the people that I think are badass, kickass and have sexy asses:

  • My beautiful, incredible, smart and sexy girlfriend, Jessica Rabbit. You mean the world to me babe, Merry Christmas 🙂
  • My parents for kicking my ass when I need it most
  • My amazing, strong and gorgeous sister who is a voice of calm and understanding when I need it most
  • My somewhat addle-brained but loveable brother who I really should speak more often too – sorry bro, you know how it goes 🙂
  • My nieces and nephews (Mark, Nicola, Robbie and Katie, Stephanie and Amy) that keep me young and remind me that there is magic still in this world
  • My  aunts and uncles scattered from Cape Town to Portugal, you guys keep me (in)sane
  • My friends, who are like brothers to me: Peggles, Wopna, War and Skatter, Stikey and Jacey-Got-The-Aceys, Rikki T, Millerkie, Van Barmann, Pooperoo, Action Jackson – you were the guys back there with me before we even got to the trenches, back when things were free and easy and in some cases I’ve known you for longer than I haven’t known you. For everything, thank you.
  • The fighters, the rock and roll booze hounds and Tambourine men and women of Grahamstown and Thereafter: Graumpot, The Glaze, Guitar Jon, Mr. D, Billy Pineapples, Barbarian! you crazy fuckers, keep the dream alive.
  • Tribeca PR: Irish, Ticklishious, Tree Poon, SheBoss, THE MAEN – GIMME A HUG CHARNA! Nix, EL GUAPO, RIGHT HERE (^5), Num Nums, Trishalicious, Lizeb and Ricora. You have to put up with me way more than most, and that’s pretty damn commendable just on it’s own, nevermind the fact that you guys are the best colleagues and friends I have ever worked with. Merry Christmas.

That’s it from me guys, have an awesome night, be safe, take care and meeeerrrrryyyyyy Christmas!




2 Responses to “Meeeerrrrryyyyyy Christmas!”

  1. December 24, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    Thanks for the ‘big up’ bro! Merry merry and all good things to come charna! 😉 woop woop

  2. 2 Jackson
    December 25, 2009 at 1:38 am

    Thanks bro! Merry Christmas to you, keep it real.

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