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Our New Neighbours

Don’t you think it’s fucking weird how baby animals from other species are cute to us? I mean, I can understand why we would find our own young cute (it’s so we don’t eat them) but what evolutionary purpose does it serve to find other species cute?

So we got some new neighbours on the wine farm where me and J-Rab live, they moved in about two weeks ago and live in the house adjacent to ours.

Check these little guys out.





I haven’t actually met my new neighbours face to face, they’re still too little to be around strange, disease-ridden Tigers like me, but soon as they are, you bet your ass I’ll post some more pics.

And yes, you’re more than welcome to visit, the full tour costs R350, but I’ll settle for a fine bottle of single malt.

Mail to book, but hurry! Spots are filling up fast 😉