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What It’s Like To Be Six

If you want to remember what it’s like to be six, you gotta wait for a really, really hot day, then you gotta buy a giant softserve (with a flake inside), dip it in chocolate and eat it sitting right by the beach.

Then, if you’ve done that right, this should happen.



Now what you’re dealing with is a race against time. Things get frantic. You want to eat the ice cream, all of it, as much as possible before it all ends up dribbling away.

Then you hit the cone and you have a different problem altogether.

The serviette starts turning gooey and becomes impossible to remove from the cone.

See Exhibit A.



So naturally you get a little panicky, you get a little fidgety, you start picking the paper off quick as you can, people are staring, some douche keeps taking pictures of you with his phone, you try go a little quicker, you turn the cone round and round and round in your hands, unravelling the soggy serviette, trying to get that stubborn bastard off and the next thing you know…



Hey presto.

You’re six years old again 😉