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Album Review: Brandon Flowers – Flamingo

The Killers had a good thing going. Both Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town shook up the music scene with their hook-heavy indie ballads, foot-tappingly infectious riffs and Brandon Flowers’ primal sincerity in nearly every line he sang.



But with the release of Day And Age music critics began suspecting that the band was losing the magic that made The Killers killer. The band did what every band does when they start running out of ideas, they played it safe and as a result Day And Age had very little going for it and ended up turning a lot of diehard fans off The Killers altogether.

So it was no real surprise when Brandon Flowers announced he was striking out alone and even less of a surprise when the first single off Flamingo landed sounding almost exactly like the material Flowers used to play with The Killers.

Give it a few listens though and it quickly becomes apparent that while there are a lot of similarities between The Killers and Flowers’ solo album, there are enough differences to keep it interesting and given time, Flamingo reveals an amazing depth that it’s easy to miss if you aren’t listening carefully.

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