It Probably Seemed Like A Great Idea At The Time…

Posing with your mom for a print advert, pretty harmless right?

Posing with your mom for a ‘Got Milk’ advert? Hmm, we’re starting to get into some dangerous territory here…

But posing with your mom when she’s Sofia Vergara in this specific Got Milk ad could very well be the dumbest move in a career that started and ended in pretty much exactly the same moment.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, my new favourite Got Milk ad:



So yeah, that strapping young lad is Manolo Vergara, Sofia’s 19 year old son and no, he’s NEVER gonna live this down.

“It has protein and potassium that have helped my little body become, well, not so little.” Hells yeah! Milk did that?! Christ-on-a-bike it really is amazing!



These ads have always creeped me out because seriously, what milk does that to your upper lip? They’re bad enough without the blatant oedipal references, what the fuck is wrong with Americans? Are these the lengths they have to go to to get people to drink milk?

And who says it’s that amazing for you? Did anyone ever stop to think that we’re drinking another mammal’s lactate, and not just while we’re young, but throughout our entire lives? Not to mention all the crazy-assed growth hormones that milk is also probably rich in, which does lend a little credence to how Sofia’s little body got not so little.

Here’s a better idea: drink whisky.



And with those wise words I’m outta here. Have a killer weekend party people, I’ll see you crazy cats on the other side.


0 Responses to “It Probably Seemed Like A Great Idea At The Time…”

  1. March 4, 2011 at 9:43 am

    HAHAHA!!! Really shouldn’t have laughed at that picture, but “Christ on a bike” it’s funny…

    Agreed – The “Got Milk” ads… Some seriously messed up copywriter (aren’t we all) definitely pissed himself laughing when the milk people of America were all,”F*ck yea, THAT’S the concept and we’re going for it!”

    Shot Taaaigzzz my boych!

    You may have just gotten me through Friday!

    “Gie, thae man a HOOOGE WHISKEY OF ANY BRAND!” Och, aye.

  2. March 11, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    Thanks for the Sofia and Manolo sexytimes. Christ on a bike was even more awesome. All he needs is some milk on his top lip :-).

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