It’s A Glorious Goddamned Day!

On days like today, everything, all the blood sweat and tears, all the hard work and late hours, all the frustration and drudgery is worth it.

Nothing in this life ever came easy, no siree. We’d never appreciate it if it did, it would just roll on by easy breezy and we’d be left with that ‘hm’ feeling that always accompanies a total anti-climax.

I don’t like writing about my work life on this site, but we’ve been working on something big that lands this weekend, like a gigantic disco from the future, and from what I’ve seen over the past few days, it’s going to melt faces guys, holy shit.



So I feel super-stoked. Like there’s nothing else I could have done to make this any better. Maybe it doesn’t go 100% according to plan, maybe it fucks out a little here and there, I don’t care, there is nothing, nothing I could have done any differently to make this better.

My wish for you, all you crazy kids out there in interwebs-land who read these fightin’ words, is that your Friday brings you the same happiness mine is bringing me.

Let’s sing a song (finally got this shit working), a ditty that goes a little something like this…



Have a killer weekend party people Winking smile


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