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SlickTiger Plays The Bad Guy

Creepy shadowTwo guesses what I just spent the last two hours doing and no, it wasn’t klapping gym or running around the forests of Cape Town wearing my underpants on the outside.

I was just sitting with my good buddy Supa Dan and a writer after my own black heart who goes by the name Frank Voorlaaier getting briefed on an idea Voorlaaier’s got for a short movie.

That’s right boys and girls, your buddy Slick’s jumping back in front of the camera, but this time he’s not playing a loveable gym klapping boychie or a happy-go-lucky necrophiliac, but the bad guy in a seriously badass horror movie.

Without going into too much detail, I basically get to terrorise the shit out of the main actor and then brutally murder three people, blood everywhere, yay!



To be perfectly honest I was actually really impressed with Voorlaaier’s idea. In a world where everything’s been done to death, he’s come up with a great premise for a seriously creepy short horror movie that he’s planning on entering into some competition or other.

Getting it right is going to be fucking tricky, but if we pull this off I’m pretty confident we’ll win the horror fest we’re entering hands down.

So watch this space, I’ll have a chat with Voorlaaier about getting the finished product up on this site for you guys to watch. We’re shooting the whole thing in two nights starting the weekend after next.

Good times I tell ya Winking smile