10 Year Highschool Reunion

yearbook2Why is it that only the biggest assholes from your year actually miss being in highschool?

I don’t miss being in highschool. People who say highschool were the best years of their lives clearly never went to university.

They were ok years, don’t get me wrong. I made some great friends and I wouldn’t change that for anything, but the best years of your life?! I’d say that’s a bit of a stretch.

And yet here I am, sitting in the airport as you read this, about to fly back up to Jozi for my 10 year highschool reunion, but why?

It’s something I thought long and hard about in the shower yesterday (I do my best thinking in there), because besides a small handful of about 10 guys, most of whom I see on a pretty regular basis anyway, there’s really no one else attending the reunion that I want to see.

Also, no matter how much you’ve changed since highschool, it’s a given that the minute all the people in your year who haven’t seen you since you matriculated meet you, they treat you exactly like the guy they knew 10 years ago.

And you know what the crazy thing is? I’m totally fine with that. I’m totally fine with that because I still am that guy I was 10 years ago.



I feel exactly like that guy, the only thing that’s changed is I’ve found more of the words I was desperately looking for back then to explain the fucked up thoughts and ideas floating around like dead goldfish in the bowl of soupy water that is my skull.

There is great comfort in the thought that you are you, you will always be you and there’s nothing you ever have to do to make other people try and understand who you are.

Just be you.

I may not have made millions since I left school like I hoped I would. I may not be famous and living the rockstar lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of, but at the same time, I can stand proud and say I’ve found my own way in life.



I’ve found something I’m good at and that gives me fulfilment and pays the bills, how many people can say that?

Not to mention the fact that I’m wildly in love with the best, most gorgeous, funniest, sexiest, most generous, most tolerant (god knows!), most intelligent and most caring woman I have ever known. I mean fuck! People search their whole lives for this kind of love, and it just fell right into my lap.

So I’m excited for this weekend. It’ll be fun to see all my friends again and it’s been ages since I last got boozed on school property, so there’s always that.

You crazy kids have a killer weekend and I’ll see you all on the other side, hungover, but still alive and ready to fight another day Winking smile


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