The Muizenberg Kite Festival: Average

128947679338947406Not too sure what I expected to find when we drove through to the kite festival happening in Muizenberg last weekend, but I guess a lot of kites would definitely have been at the top of my list.

Instead, what we found were a lot of people milling around who seemed a lot more interested in queuing for caravan food than they were in watching kites fly.

And who can blame them? After the age of 7, kites are kinda meh. You watch them zipping around in the sky and you think “that’s nice” and you carry on with your life.

So, in no particular order, here are some pics of the kites we saw on Saturday so you can also say “hm” and carry on with your life, safe in the knowledge that you missed absolutely nothing.






Right after that we found a festival of another kind entirely just around the corner, and this one had German beer by the goddamn BOAT LOAD!

I love you The Brass Bell.



So the day wasn’t a total waste. At least I think it wasn’t a total waste…? Things got a little blurry from that point on and then I woke up on Sunday to find this picture on my phone:



Good times I tell ya, good times…

Stay tuned later this week though, cause not only am I rocking out at Kings Of Leon on Wednesday, but I have some pretty exciting news about a film project I may or may not have acted in as a crazed, psychopathic FUCKING MANIAC!

So yeah. Don’t be a stranger Winking smile


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