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Karma Police Like You’ve Never Heard It

karma-policeFor quite a long while back in highschool, “Karma Police” was the soundtrack of my angst-ridden early teenage years.

In fact, OK Computer was my go-to album if I was feeling happy (“Subterranean Homesick Alien”) , sad (“Exit Music For A Film”), wistful (“Let Down”), lonely (“Karma Police”), lost (“No Surprises”), angry (“Electioneering”) or lucky (“Lucky”).

It’s a masterpiece of songwriting and its tracks have no doubt been covered time and time and time again, but have they been covered by one man on a six string bass guitar? (Starts slow, but just wait for the part he starts shredding his bass – too awesome).



Poetry I tells ya.

He’s still not the best bass guitarist I’ve ever heard though. That dubious honour goes to my main man Les Claypool, bassist, singer and frontman of Primus, who could eat that last guy for breakfast.

Case in point: the song “Professor Nutbutter’s House of Treats”. [Disclaimer: This song will make you lose your mind if you listen to the whole thing. Feel free to kill it after 3 minutes].



Now THAT’S how you play a bass guitar.