Hilarious “Future Hipsters” Video

Old_3aa4ea_1913908Again the Tiger sails the seas of cheese to bring you guys some lukewarm internet leftovers so he doesn’t have to use the twisted brain God (or something) gave him to come up with anything original.

It’s been a loooong flippin’ week, my brain feels like a gloopy mess in my head and right now I really want nothing more than to collapse face-first into the weekend.

So while I sit here, listening to stoner rock and sipping whisky from a hip flask under my desk, I want you to enjoy this video that features wrinkled old hipsters being way more awesome than they ever were when they were young (thanks @RiccWebb!).



Have a killer weekend party people, when next we speak it will be crappy Monday again but don’t worry, I’ll post a great pic of boobs or something to make it not so bad for you.


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