Kids Getting Silverstoned

Alicia Silverstone (3)Suffering from the post-Easter weekend blues? Your Tiger pal’s got just the thing to cheer you up now that the 24-hour chocolate high you were on has come to a grinding, shivering, teeth-gnashing halt.

Remember a few weeks back when Alicia Silverstone posted a video of her feeding her son like she was some kind of bird of prey or something?

Well Jimmy Kimmel has taken things to the next level, the badass. He encouraged American parents to adopt Silverstone’s questionable feeding methods by chewing their children’s food for them before serving it to see the kind of reaction it would get.




If you thought that was disgusting, what I’m about to tell you will definitely push you totally over the edge.

It is widely accepted that the act of kissing evolved from exactly what we see Silverstone doing in that video, regurgitating food into her son’s mouth.

So the next time you think about leaning in to make out passionately with the cute intern that gives you bedroom eyes every time she breezes past your desk, just imagine her transferring a massive wad of chewed up Big Mac into your mouth and who knows?

Your marriage might just live to see another day Winking smile


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