Okes Who Like To Klap It #13: Bromance Charnas

alex-romanoff-bromanceHazit ma charnas!

So I was surfing Vleisboek the other day for buff pics of okes I know who klap MMA  when I suddenly found a lekker video that says everything I was trying to say about how without your charnas, you are NOTHING in life.

You’ll NEVER have a oke to spot you for 120kilo benchpress, you’ll NEVER have a charna to help you spray tan that place where your arms can’t reach behind your back and you’ll NEVER have a boychay to tell you, “It’s ok boet, it’s perfectly normal, don’t stress my charna.  It will go back to it’s normal size one day, I promise.”

These ous in this video are flippin’ TIGHT! These ous would MOER ANYONE who messed with their boychays! These ous wouldn’t even THINK TWICE about helping one of their mates who had klapped too many brandy and cokes to undress and get into bed, even if it meant sharing and being the BIG SPOON!

Watch this video and take notes okes. There WILL be a quiz after the end.



You check that lekker *5 at the end there? Ja. I INVENTED that shit, BEST way to show a oke he’s your mate.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go find a boychay to watch these episodes of Grey’s Atonomy I just downloaded.

Flip I love that show…


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