Dieting Reaches A Whole New, Utterly Retarded Level

1-ke-dietIt seems the more we “advance” as a species, the better marketers, advertisers and the media get at dialing our insecurities up to the point where we will buy anything to make other people love us.

We’re force-fed the idea that if we’re too fat, too thin, too ugly, have bad skin, have hair that isn’t shiny, strong and UV resistant, have bad teeth, drive the wrong car, etc. society will never accept us.

Don’t, whatever anyone says, ever just be yourself. Rather spend your life chasing an unobtainable ideal, a photoshopped billboard-ready version of reality that you’ll sink millions into trying to achieve. I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that they force this bullshit on us or the fact that we lap it up so readily.

The weight-loss industry is at the forefront of this kind of thinking and to a certain extent it’s justified because of the health benefits of keeping your weight down. But it gets taken to ugly extremes in instances like the video I’m about to show you.

The latest craze in weight-loss in the States is something they call “The K-E Diet”, which involves inserting a rubber tube through your nose and into your stomach. You are then “fed” a high protein and high fat liquid diet for 10 days during which time you can lose as much as 20 pounds (9kgs).

I’ll let the video below explain the rest:



Here’s a breakdown of the not-so-subtle manipulation that’s going on in this video:

  • Open on a beach shot, immediately conjuring mental images of bronzed beauties sculpted to perfection and triggering our “must-get-thin-for-the-beach” reflex.
  • Introduce Doctor Dickhead. See all those qualifications behind him? Yeah, they’re probably all bullshit, they’re just trying to make us think he’s legit.
  • “This program has been used in Europe for over 100 000 times”? That’s right, go right ahead and butcher the Kings English, atta boy. I know village drunks who are more articulate.
  • He promises to go on the diet himself so we can see the results, which we never see.
  • “It’s imperative that you lose weight at all costs” – even if it results in the unfortunate side-effect of DEATH

There is one, and only one instance where I’d let someone thread a rubber tube through my nose and into my stomach and that’s if I was dying.

If you want to lose 20 pounds so desperately how about hitting the gym and cutting down on the chocolates and cheeseburgers?



Because I can pretty much guarantee you this – the people who choose to go on this “diet” will put those 20 pounds back on in the 10 days after the tube comes out.

If you let insecurity and desperation rule over level-headedness and the willpower we have inside us all to change, you will never be content.


2 Responses to “Dieting Reaches A Whole New, Utterly Retarded Level”

  1. 1 Seerower
    April 19, 2012 at 5:03 am

    “Most of out patients never feel hungry through the 10 day period…” Yeah, but they feel like an idiot with a tube hanging out of their nose.

    This guy wants to sell me a weight-loss program before he has actually tried it? But wait he looks distinguished and trustworthy so he can’t possibly be lying to me…

    It pisses me off how fad diets with “radical” treatments do more damage than good.

    As soon as you are done with the K-E bullshit your body will try to go back to what it’s “normal” was for so long and extract every calorie it can out of whatever you eat to get there. But wait I am guessing they will be waiting for me with open arms for me to retry the K-E program and pay for another round of false hope. Used over 100,000 times but only in 33,333 people? Sounds a bit yo-yo-like to me.

    I have done a LOT of research around dieting and exercise and there are two lessons that I learnt (the hard way in the past): All diets should follow the 3 phases (ketosis -> weight loss -> stabilisation) no matter what the diet is made up of and there are no shortcuts – it takes time, discipline and lots of exercise.

    Fucking K-E diet.

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