Santam’s response to Nandos – It’s AWN!

SantamvsNandosWattup party people! Your Tiger pal is back in the country yo so y’all can sleep safe at night knowing I’m back for your daily dose of awesome, punctuated with cringe-worthy gangsta rap lingo, word.

While I was gone, Nandos had a cheeky little jibe at the latest Santam ad featuring Ben Kingsley that’s been getting a lot of attention.

Santam have now officially replied to Nandos by challenging them to deliver chicken to a children’s home! Hahahaha! Priceless! Check out all the videos below and join me in sitting back to watch this saga unfurl (*grabs popcorn).

Here’s the original Santam ad that’s been doing the rounds:



Which prompted Nandos to respond with the following:



But Santam weren’t going to take that shizz lying down yo!

They replied with this ad:



Awesome that ol’ Sir Kingsley was on hand to nail that one so quickly.

Or wait, am I missing something…?

Either way, I can’t wait to see what Nandos’ reply is going to be.

It’s AWN!


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