Nandos Fights Back Against Xenophobia

Nandos viralRacism has become a hot topic in the media recently. Hardly a day goes by without news stories being published that doesn’t touch on the subject of racism, whether it’s the Spear debacle or moronic models hurling racist slurs over Twitter.

Nandos, never being one to shy away from controversy, gives us some food for thought (see what I did there? BAZINGA!) with this new ad they’ve shot reminding us that we’re ALL foreigners in this crazy, mixed up country of ours.

Nandos has also teamed up with Cheesekids and is creating pop up soup kitchens in parts of SA that have been affected by Zenophobia. They’ve shot a brilliant call to action for that as well, which follows after the clip below:




Very cool ads from a company that isn’t afraid to use the best weapon we have against the hardships this country has been through and continues to go through: a sense of humour.

Because if we can laugh together, we can get through anything Winking smile

Nice one Nandos.


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