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Assembly Radio is live!

AssemblyRadioIn the midst of all the controversy that’s been going down about certain South African internet radio stations and their listenership figures, a new player has busted out onto the scene that your Tiger pal is gonna be keeping a close eye on.

As of today, Assembly Radio is officially live at

This internet station is an extension of the club Assembly and will have hosted shows that play out from 10am to 10pm every day.

They’ve already landed some pretty cool talent for their shows including mermaid and TV presenter Natalie Roos, the delectable Texx, the We-Are-Awesome kids and Haezer to name a few.

More importantly though, the station’s mandate is to deliver programming content that is geared specifically toward music lovers instead of the drones who tune into commercial stations to listen to Carly Rae Jerksen.



South Africa needs stations like this. Nearly every internet radio station that has launched in this country has made promises about how edgy and different they’re going to be, but none of them have delivered on those promises.

Because of the close ties to the club, Assembly Radio will also feature a shiteload of artist interviews and live music content that other stations won’t have access to.

It’s time internet radio stepped up as the game-changing medium it has the potential to be instead of just being a way to shove rubbish content up our backsides in order to try and boost painfully low listenership figures so that advertisers are kept happy.