Meanwhile, Back At 2OVR / Ballz Radio HQ…

aodv8ot7l7ix2yyrdm7x9t9sepmjzpdtyehsI’ve been posting like a jackass this week because work is ramming its fist up my butt, so I missed the boat on the latest update on Radiogate on Monday.

MyBroadband put together a crack team to crunch the numbers provided by NetDynamix for 2OceansVibe and Ballz and Shaun Dewberry was on the money.

2OceansVibe Radio and Ballz Visual Radio’s listenership figures are grossly inflated, but if you believe 2OceansVibe’s official statement, it would seem that the blame for this rests squarely on NetDynamix’s shoulders, (who they have subsequently parted ways with in favour of “world leader” Triton). Or does it…?

Sorry, that last sentence was a shameless attempt at getting people to hit the “Read the full post” link. I honestly don’t know who is at fault here.

2OceansVibe Radio and Ballz both claim they were duped by the evil NetDynamix which is why they published hourly listenership figures in the region of 50 000 when in truth Ballz gets about 200 unique listeners at peak times and 2OceansVibe Radio gets 300.

Given another week, I’m not sure if anyone is going to give a shit about this anymore. I know I for one am nearing that point because it no longer matters who lied about what – the truth is out there, internet radio in South Africa is listened to by pretty much no one and that is piss poor.

Still though, I did get a kick out of this Hitler Rant video that got posted on Sunday:



I guess the real question that needs to be asked at the end of the day is why those listenership figures are so low.

Despite what my previous post on this subject might have implied, I’m a firm believer in the medium of internet radio and the power it has to deliver awesome content, so what gives?

Have South Africans just not tuned in yet? Is bandwidth still an issue? Or is the content itself just plain shite?

Hit me up if you feel like weighing in on this one, I value your opinions very highly because you read this site so that immediately means you pretty much have a genius-level IQ and are a buncha total badasses.


4 Responses to “Meanwhile, Back At 2OVR / Ballz Radio HQ…”

  1. 1 Captain Lieutenant Super Awesome
    July 4, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    I totally agree with what you said about internet radio and that it has massive potential. I think listenership is so low because of the fucking disgraceful bandwidth we have in this country. No idea what the delay to catchup with the developed world is. There is always talk about that underwater fibre-optic cable that has been under the ocean and trying to reach SA for years now. Maybe it is copper thieves, in wetsuits, getting confused and stealing the cable every time they get near our fucking continental shelf. As for Ballz and 2OV. Darren Scott I expect the lame excuses from (because he is a arrogant douche with one fucking testicle in his scrotum and the other up fucking his arse. But Seth Rotherham… please. That guys life is dedicated to the internet, so for him to play dumb is a little suspect.
    (aint nothing but a thing.)

  2. 2 Loose Cannon
    July 5, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Hey ST,

    Long-time reader, first-time commentor.

    I f@cking hate local radio. Crap music (which the DJ’s give a sh!t about) idiotic news- and sports readers who can’t pronounce the names of the people they are “reporting” on. A ridiculous amount of sub-par advertising. Throw in a sprinkling of misinformed opinion and some crank calls…what’s not to hate about it?!

    So, would absolutely love a practical alternative. I am, however, not one of 2OV’s 300 dedicated listeners. It is just too much trouble! Because my car doesn’t have a USB port for my iPod, I have to connect it with an AV cable, which means I have to:

    1. Download the podcast.
    2. Load onto my iPod/Blackberry.
    3. Remember to take it to my car.
    4. Plug it in.
    5. Choose the right podcast. Press play. Have to adjust/forward/rewind on the iPod itself. And then pause/play it manually when I stop/go again.

    Or, listen to Carly Ray giving out her number/Usher reaching climax. Which is inevitably what happens.

    Maybe I’m technologically retarded, and you or your readers can explain how I can get Assembly FM on my car quickly and easily (I have an iPod and Blackberry).

    Then I’m there like a bear.

    • July 5, 2012 at 11:55 am

      Nice! Nothin’ better than hearing from long-time readers, makes all the blood, sweat and whisky-fuelled rage I put into this site worth it.

      I’m getting the guys from Assembly Radio onto this post as we speak, expect a reply from those crazy mofos aaannnyyyyy minute now 😉


    • July 6, 2012 at 3:20 pm

      Update on this – Alana from Assembly Radio wrote back (but it’s under the Assembly Radio post), she said:

      “Hey Slick,

      We heard you had a query about listening to our station in your car. All you need is a jack cable like the one you use for your ipod. Then you can plug your mobile phone into that jack and listen through your car speakers. We suggest people use the free TuneIn application (www.tunein.com) if they want to listen with android, blackberry or iphones.”

      Hope that helps dude!

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