Matthew Mole WIns The Get Out Of The Garage Competition

matthew-mole-photo-get-out-of-the-garageLadies and Gentlemen, the Converse “Get Out Of The Garage Competition” has officially come to an end and the winner, as you may have guessed from the title of this post, is Matthew Mole!

Matthew will play at London’s 100 Club on Oxford Street, which has seen some EPIC acts take to the stage in the 70 years it’s been open.

I have to be completely frank at this point and say that though there’s no denying Matthew has a lot of talent and heart and is a great song-writer, he wasn’t my first choice to win it.

Still though, congrats to the guy. He blew everyone out of the water with his track “You And Your Crown” which goes a little something.

Like this:



I think it’s a pretty rad little ditty, but it’s no secret that my favourites to win this were The Kiffness.

I mean Matthew is cool and all, but does he have a track that can stand up to “Ra Ba Do Ba Day”?



Exactly. I rest my case.

Just try get that song out of your mind. Impossible.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get my greasy mitts on a few songs from Matthew’s set when he plays next month to share with you crazy cats.

Until then, well done Matthew, go kick some ass over there and come back with a fat recording contract and some belter groupies.

Atta boy Winking smile


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