Escape Monday: Insane Photos of Ocean Lava

SelwayandKale1Lava has always fascinated me. Something about it is so primordial – rocks in their liquid form, I mean shit, how badass is that?!

The following pics were shot by photographers Nick Selway and CJ Kale who claim they are the only photographers to ever enter the surf next to an active volcano to do lava surf photography.

The resulting photos are nothing short of insane. Two powerful elements merging and swirling together, duking it out to see which is mightier. Some of the pics literally look like Titans doing battle so yeah, if this doesn’t help you escape Monday for a few minutes, nothing will.


















Full credit to www.mymodernmet.com where I sourced these images.

I really dig photography like this. In fact, finding material for my Escape Mondays posts is fast becoming one of my favourite blogging pastimes.

We live in an incredible world, which is easy to forget when you spend 5 days out of 7 locked in what feels like perpetual corporate-grey cubicle limbo.


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