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SlickTiger Finds The Weirdest Gangnam Mashup EVER

GangnamWTFIf you thought last week’s Gangnam Busters mashup was weird just wait until you get a load of what the Russians came up with.

The video you’re about to see is definitely not the weirdest video I’ve ever put on this site (that one is here) but it gets the job done, no doubt about that.

Apparently it’s a mashup of Gangnam Style and a Michel Teló (anybody?) song. My favourite bits are the guy dancing with the bottles of booze, the ghost-like old dude jamming with his awesome beard and the dinosaur with the accordion. Holy crap that sentence was awesome…



And if that didn’t get a chuckle out of you, there’s always INTERNETDOG:



And this:



Have a killer Thursday Winking smile