Escape Monday: Luminescent Tape Art

ingenious-creative-cubes-from-neon-tape-by-aakash-nihalani-20I’m a little sceptical of this one, I must be honest. The dealy-o here is that this Brooklyn based artist (Aakash Nihalani) sticks luminescent tape to stuff to create the art you are about to see.

What you’ll also see though are photos that I am almost 100% certain are photoshopped up the wazoo. The end result is still really cool though, but there’s no way he could have created these scenes with luminescent tape.

There’s a video I’ve also posted below that shows how he does this but only watch it if you really feel like killing time at work because it’s literally just a guy sticking luminescent tape on stuff.
















Rad, ne?

Here’s the vid which explains nothing:



At what point in your life do you think to yourself “Luminescent tape! Fuck! That’s it! I’m gonna stick that shit all over stuff in 3D geometric shapes!”

Sorry. I’m just in a crappy mood because I haven’t had my first cuppa Joe yet.

Lemme get on that…


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