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Happy 2013 From Your Tiger Pal!

fireworksHey Party People, how the hell have you guys been?! Things have been chilled out to the maximum here at SlickTiger Industries as you may well have noticed, but all that will change in 2013.

In fact, a motherflippin shitload is going to change in 2013 (the Chinese year of the snake) and I want every one of you to hold my hand, don’t be afraid, and roll with those changes.

You can fight a lot of things, and you should, but you can never fight change. Without it, life looses its lustre and our lives very quickly become stagnant and meaningless. 


Follow The Tiger’s “Hunter’s Longest Day” Journey Live!

hunters-dry-cider-chase-the-heat-600-25990Hiya Party People! You guys must be getting really fired up for the holidays now as I’m guessing at least 80% of you are going on leave today, hells yeah!

So be honest, you aren’t going to be doing a helluva lot today right? So why not watch your Tiger pal run around Cape Town with the Hunter’s Dry crew chasing the heat from sunrise to sunset?

If the iframe I’ve embedded below works you should be able to tune into a live feed of what your Tiger pal, a bunch of other bloggers, lucky FB winners and the Hunter’s Dry team are getting up to today in REAL TIME!


SlickTiger And The Gigantic kulula Paper Plane Invite

kulula inviteAs a kid, I prided myself on the fact that I could fold a paper jet that flew at such an incredible velocity that one time another kid made the mistake of stepping into its flight path and nearly lost an eye.

So naturally I was more than stoked when kulula delivered the flippin GIGANTIC paper plane you see pictured on the left which, as it turns out, doubles as an invitation to “The Most South African Flight Ever”.

This flight will comprise South Africa’s most diverse and representative set of locals who will all jet off together to celebrate kulula’s passion for travel.


A Blog Post From The Other Side

cape-townIf you’re still at work reading this, then I have good news for you. As a man who’s been on holiday since Friday, I can honestly say that it’s FUCKING AWESOME!

Especially if you live in Cape Town. I mean holy shit, how hot has it been the past 10 days? The city bowl is like a goddamn oven – the sun sets at 8pm and all throughout the day it’s clear skies, sunshine and good times.

I only go back to work on the 7th Jan but I’m not actually going anywhere so I’ve decided to carve my days up into “time units” that I’m only allowed to spend doing stuff that makes me happy.


Ice Cream Tuk-Tuk Fare For The Motherflippin’ Win!

CAPE TOWN, South Africa: Wednesday 12 December 2012, during the launch of the Nestle King Cone Tuk Tuk service during summer.
Photo by Roger SedresUp until February this year I didn’t have a clue what a tuk-tuk even was. Then we went to Thailand and rode a few and I distinctly remember thinking “SA would be a much radder country if we had a few of these…”

And now we do! And what’s even better news is that until February, if you buy a King Cone and flag down a King Cone tuk-tuk, you get to ride around Cape Town for free, eating ice cream!

I mean, that’s pretty flippin’ radass when you think about it. As individual experiences, riding in a tuk-tuk and eating ice cream both rate right up there in terms of fun things to do in summer. Now imagine doing those two things AT THE SAME TIME! Genius!


Just How Disgusting Are You?

3314820698_disgusted_101130_02_xlargeThe answer my friends, is very fucking disgusting. I know this because of the educational video I just watched called “Humans Are Disgusting” which I’m about to share with you right now.

If you’re the type of person who washes your hands ten times a day, refuses to touch escalator rails and doesn’t use public restrooms, probably don’t watch this video because by the end of it, you will kill yourself.

Best part of the video? Only 10% of you is actually human. The other 90%? Well, you’re just gonna have to watch the video to find out about that.





Gerald Clark Becomes The Tiger’s New Favourite Artist

Gerald ClarkeI mean shit, this guy had me at stop-animated ratty old action figures trying to murder the fuck out of one another in a dirty, gritty hell-hole, THEN the chorous kicked in.

It’s foot-stompin’ good times from start to finish with this track, the kind of song that makes you want to drive screaming into that black night, firing shotgun blasts out the window of your pickup.

What can I say? Both the song below (“Black Water”) and the video speak to my dark, whisky-ravaged heart and get this, the guy’s from Stellenbosch – how fucking cool is that?! I love what’s happening in the SA music scene at the moment, it’s alive and kickin’ brother, hooo-wee!


The Tiger’s Back In Town

Free-Download-Tiger-Theme-for-Windows-7-Tiger-AttackingHoly balls it feels like ages since I last posted! Thanks for hanging in there guys, it’s been a bit of an epic dry spell, but your Tiger pal’s back – bruised, battered but fighting on.

I’m writing this in PE, staring out the window of the B&B that’s been my home for the last week at a cotton-white sky as rain falls imperceptibly on the tiny, manicured garden outside.

If I had to explain how I’m feeling right now, the first words that come to mind are “wrung dry”.

That feeling when the project you’ve been working on so hard it’s consumed your every waking moment finally ends and the best you can say is, “It went ok.”


Sporadic Posting Forecast W/C 3 Dec

160608773It’s going to be a crazy, balls to the wall week for your Tiger pal this week folks so in all likelihood, he’s probably going to drop the ball a couple of times when it comes to the daily posts you’ve come to expect on TFW.

Rumours will start to spread on the interwebs like wildfire. Twitter will go nuts with critics and naysayers speculating that the Tiger has finally thrown in the towel and given up on The Dream.

Don’t believe a word of it. Next week I’ll be back to flood your lives with my unique brand of batshit-crazy content on a daily, and who knows? Maybe even BI-DAILY basis once my life has calmed down again.