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Super Slick Design Website

tumblr_mg3fwrPgyV1r46py4o1_1280As you guys have probably noticed because of my “Escape Monday” posts, your Tiger pal isn’t a complete Neanderthal, he does appreciate aesthetic beauty in its myriad forms.

That’s right muthufukkahs! Read that last sentence carefully again: “aesthetic beauty in its myriad forms”. Can you handle the muthufukkin lyrical prowess of that muthufukkin sentence MUTHUFUKKAHS! Aaahhh yeeeaaahhh!

Anyway. I found this pretty cool design website (link follows below) where people can post their work and the work of other inspirational designers. It’s just a really slick collection of amazing design work that I thought you guys might enjoy, especially if you’re a designer yourself.

Dig it:















And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the actual link for that site… iiiiiiissssssssss…