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Go Home You Are Drunk Friday

go-home-you-are-drunk-14I like “Go home, you are drunk memes”. I mean hell, what’s not to like about them? Up until they hit the interwebs I thought humans were the only things that could get drunk. Turns out I was wrong.

GHYAD memes have taught us that all manner of things including milk, copy machines, cars, planes, trees, houses, you name it, all seem to be hitting the sauce on a regular basis with hilarious results.

So while you sit at your desk, daydreaming of how drunk YOU are going to be getting this weekend, here are a few new GHYAD memes I found in my recent explorations of the interwebs.
















Atta boy Bruce.

But in all seriousness kids, don’t drink and drive.

If anyone needs me, I’ll by flying up to the Big Smoke tonight for the Kulula Most South African flight shindig, more about that next week.

Later Party People.