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Feel-Good Short Animation Of The Day

800x600I’ve been watching a lot of short animations and films on the interwebs recently because as a writer, I have a lot of respect for people who have mastered the art of telling a compelling story in a matter of minutes.

Yesterday I tweeted about a short film I watched called “Voice Over” that I thought was rad, but then today I stumbled on this Oscar nominated short film called “Paperman” that you guys HAVE to see.

The first-time director behind this short animation, John Kahrs, uses blended computer-generated and hand-drawn techniques to tell this story and the results speak for themselves.



I know, I know, I’m a big flippin’ softie, but c’mon that was an awesome piece of story-telling wasn’t it?

Follow him on Twitter (@john_kahrs) if you like this animation and read his Oscar Nominee Questionnaire if you wanna find out more about the guy, he seems like a very cool and humble guy.

I’ll track down some more Oscar nominated shorts and  put them up if you guys like?

Hello…? Guys…?

[SFX: Crickets]