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Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man Is A weird Little Asshole

Scientifically Accurate SpidermanIn keeping with this week’s theme on the site, namely posting random, disturbing internet videos so I can get away with doing very little actual writing, allow me to present to you “Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man”.

I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to look at Spider-Man the same way again after having watched this. Turns out spiders are weird little assholes who we should definitely not model our superheroes after.

Still though, I’d pay good money to watch a scientifically accurate Spider-Man movie. It would probably be much like watching The Fly (anyone ever see that? Wow it was fucked up…) and Toby Maguire would be PERFECT for it!


A Post About Kissing

kissing_four_mr_120705_ssvIs there anything more intimate than a kiss? Is there any feeling more thrilling than touching your lips to the other person’s, sliding your tongue into their mouth, running it over their teeth and dislodging the spinach that’s been bugging you for the last hour?

Being able to kiss well is something any hot-blooded woman will tell you is a must for stoking up the fires of her passion.

So what I’m gonna do is show you guys two videos. The first is a guide that shows what NOT to ever do if you are kissing a woman (girls, you could also probably learn from this about how NOT to kiss a guy).


I Am SO Doing This The Next Time Gentleman’s Book Club Rolls Around

gentleman smoking a pipe“Gentleman’s whowhatnow?!” I hear you ask. Gentleman’s Book Club – it’s this idea a buddy of mine came up with and it’s so badass that pretty much everyone I’ve told about it has been like “Wow”.

Instead of swapping books, at “Gentleman’s Book Club” we bring hard drives and “share” hundreds of gigs of music, movies, series, graphic novels, games, you flippin’ NAME IT!

I told Twitter all about it a few weeks back and I got exactly three responses; one positive, one neutral and one mentioning the words “Dutch rudder”. Anyway, it was pretty cool all in all, but not half as cool as the next one where I plan to pull the exact stunt you’re about to see.


Escape Monday: Madagascar’s Stone Forest

Today, this Monday in particular, is one I would actually pay good money to just skip. Hit the fast-forward button and make it 6pm in the blink of an eye – how about that? Would be awesome right?

Instead all I can offer you is this “Escape Monday” post, so pack your bags party people, we are heading to the Stone Forest of Madagascar for the rest of today, yeeeeeha!

It’s totally fine, your boss said all that important stuff you were supposed to have done today can wait until tomorrow, no sweat. So with no further ado, let’s head on down to the Bemaraha National Park in West Madagascar and get stoned in the Stone Forest.


Industrialstrengthshit – Another Killer Playlist From Your Tiger Pal

mutagen2It’s been a long-ass time since I last put together an 8Tracks playlist for you crazy kids to listen to and I think it’s high time I did something about that.

Problem is, my last mix (Bong Rippin’ Badassery) was so popular it was certified Gold by the 8Tracks community and has had over 3 500 plays to date, no lies.

It’s great that people liked it so much, but it’s made compiling a follow-up playlist a daunting task. Is Industrialstrengthshit, going to kick as much ass as Bong Rippin’? God only knows. But with bands like Taxi Violence, Fucked Up and Cloud Nothings in there, you’ll at least have something rad to kill the next hour with.


Awesome Work Time-Wasters (Part xiv): Frog Fractions

300x-1I’ve been hittin’ up this pretty cool site called Indie Games for a couple of months now and checking out the titles they write about and review and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the games they feature.

That’s where I discovered the game “Frog Fractions” which has to be the fucking weirdest flash game I think I’ve ever played, and coming from a guy like me, that’s saying A LOT.

There’s no way I would have ever even attempted this game if I’d just randomly stumbled on it, based on the title and the accompanying image you see on your left. Who the hell wants to play what looks like a game to teach kids about fractions?


An Addendum To Yesterday’s Post…

manbabiesFirst off, thank you all for the positive vibes you sent after yesterday’s post where I announced that I’m going to be a dad. It means a lot to both J-Rab and I, you guys rock.

Secondly, I just wanted to set something straight in case there are a few of you who might have instantly decided to never read this site again in fear of me becoming a “daddy blogger”.

While I am blown away at the thought of being a dad and will definitely write about fatherhood from time to time, I still intend to use this site as I always have, namely as a place where I can hang out on the interwebs and be weird.


The Day It All Changed

summer1Back in December, J-Rab and I decided to try to go to the beach as much as humanly possible whenever the weather was calm and the skies were blue.

We’re both summer people, we love going to the beach with an umbrella and a good book, soaking up the sun for hours on end and when we’re feeling brave, bolting into the sea, diving under the waves and feeling the icy water hit us with defibrillator force.

The day it all changed was exactly like that. One minute we were totally care-free, dozing in the sun on Clifton 2nd beach, listening to the sound of people around us playing beach bat and ball while waves crashed on the shore and children screamed and laughed as their sandcastles came crashing down.


Escape Monday: Tripped Out Oscar Nominated Short Animation

Fresh guacamoleThere is a lot wrong with the world at the moment. Initially I wanted this post to be about the Oscar Pistorius / Reeva Steenkamp tragedy by I think it’s getting enough press at the moment.

Instead, in keeping with my “Escape Monday” posts I decided to watch all of the Oscar nominated short animations after seeing Paperman a few weeks back to see if any can compare.

Sadly I found the other short animations a little lacking, with the exception of the one I’m about to show you which, while it might not be as emotionally charged as Paperman is still fun to watch and will, even if it’s for a minute, help you escape Monday.


Friday Lolz – The BEst 5 Mins You’ll Spend At Work Today (Except For When You Pack Up To Leave)

tumblr_mgsabecGzq1rytly3o1_500S’up Party People! Friday fuck yeah! How crazy has this week been? In fact how crazy has this year been? 2013 is not fucking around in any way, it’s here to kick your balls and that’s that.

So anyway, I dug up some pretty random stuff to brighten up your day today folks, hope you guys dig it, especially the first video which was doing the rounds yesterday for Valentine’s Day.

Also spare a thought for your Tiger pal today. I had root canal on Monday that is still fucking sore. God DAYUM! Anyone else out there had root canal recently? How much longer is this shit gonna last?!