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Vice Magazine Gets Its Own HBO Show

nettie-r-harris-x-ryan-mcginley-vice-magazineIt’s no secret that Vice Magazine is basically one of the last bastions of awesome, gonzo-styled journalism left on the face of the planet.

I mean holy shit, did you guys watch the video of the Vice journalist who takes acid and goes to the dog show? Or what about the piece recently published by a Vice journalist who visited the Playboy mansion?

Well now HBO is giving Vice their own show in which founder Shane Smith and a group of his top correspondents travel the world to visit the scariest and most absurd cultures and situations they can find. Pretty fucking sick, ne?

Check it:



The show premiers on 5th April and you bet your ass I’ll be getting my filthy little mitts on it to let you guys know what it’s like.

Have a killer Thursday. Nearly there Party People.

Nearly there…