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Escape Monday: Rad Behind The Scenes Photos From Famous Films

16-Photos-From-Behind-The-Scenes-Of-Famous-Films-16Watching movies you forget that when they were being made, the cameras probably spent more time off than on and what was a super serious, iconic scene quickly turned into bored actors dicking around.

That’s why I love stumbling on pics like these that give you a taste of what was happening behind the curtain when movies like Jaws, Star Wars, Terminator and The Shining were being made.

It’s a pretty cool reminder that despite the massive impact these films have had on pop culture, they were made by people just like you and I who were probably bored to tears a lot of the time.

Take the guys manning the camera rig for this famous scene from The Shining for example.

Ho hum.



And James Cameron, realising way too late that he got into the water before taking his watch off again.



And so on and so on.












Good luck with your respective Mondays, hang in there, on Thursday we all get to sleep in and then after that, we’re hitting the beach if it’s sunny or the DVD store if it isn’t and relaxing to the maximum.