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Worst Knock-Knock Joke Of All TIme

KnockknockI tell ya, it’s a fucking slow day today – there is literally nothing cool happening on the internet except for this bizarre video I dug up from god-knows-when (the 90s I’m guessing?).

This video is undeniable proof of why you should never give your children false hope. You should never tell them they are brilliant at something that you know full well they suck at.

Otherwise your offspring will end up on TV gameshows like this little asshole, making idiots of themselves in front of millions of people for all eternity. If my son did this on public TV I’d definitely ground him until he was 30.

Time to get your cringe on.



Keyboard cat was a nice touch. In fact, keyboard cat is the reason I even bothered posting this in the first place.

God bless you keyboard cat.