Friday LOLZ Cat Depression Edition

tumblr_mk4532YNjW1ql2603o1_500Easter has really thrown things off kilter here at SlickTiger Industries, so my apologies for the shocking lack of posting, things will be on track next week fo sho.

In the meantime, I’m eating musli, drinking green tea and wallowing in this weird funk that I woke up in today. I think I’m suffering from chronic cat-induced depression.

See, our cat is cheating on us. We’ve been in denial about it for some time now, but all the evidence is piling up and it’s getting pretty hard to turn a blind eye anymore.

We’re pretty sure it’s the neighbours downstairs. On more than one occasion we have found our cat down there, hanging out with them when she should be at home hanging out with us.

It’s kinda heartbreaking. I mean fuck, we love her, care for her, we fucking gave her a home to have her kittens in, we saved her from the goddamn street and how does she repay us?



By running off with the neighbours who I swear to God are feeding her every time she goes around there, loving her and fucking letting her sleep in their fucking house!

Fuck this fucking shit. What the fuck? What a total load of bullshit, there is no justice in the world, fuck her, she can fucking have those shitty pot-smoking vegetarian motherfuckers if she wants. If she thinks they are better than us, then she can fuck right off, I don’t need this shit in my life.

Anyway. Friday LOLZ. Enjoy.





And now, here’s my professional career summed up in one picture:








Here’s the opposite of what our fucking cat is like:




Have a great weekend. I really hope your guys pets don’t cheat on you the way our is.

After everything we’ve done for her… it’s just so fucking wrong… I swear to God, I’m going home this afternoon and punching those neighbours IN THE FACE.


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