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Early 80s “Aerobic Self Defence” Video WILL Change Your Life

ButtingWhat the hell happened to people back in the 80s?! Did their ability to rationally assess what they were saying and doing just completely evaporate?

I mean there are only two types of people that possess the unwavering, supreme self-confidence that people in the 80s had – people on truckloads of blow and sociopaths.

American Psycho helped me understand why people in the 80s were as fucked up as they were, but every time I watch a video like this that understanding crumbles because what the shit is going on here?!

What you’re about to see is a video that contains gratuitous amounts of footage of men getting hit in the balls by women in spandex. I’m not quite sure how else to describe this.

Good luck.



“Thanks to Roland we don’t have to be afraid anymore” except for the fact that Roland himself is fucking terrifying.

Great handjob action at 1:06.

“Butting”. What the actual fuck.

And then there’s the part about this technique we in the industry like to call “slapping”.

Pretty sure women invented slapping. There is absolutely no fucking need to educate them in how to execute a well-timed, ear-ringing slap.

Or a well-timed eye-ringing or kidney-ringing slap for that matter.

Sky’s the limit here people.

Be safe out there.