Psy’s New Video Is… Um…

GentlemanI said it before, when Psy dropped “Gangnam Style” I was notoriously slow off the mark in posting it on the site because after I watched it the first time I wasn’t really moved one way or another.

His new vid for “Gentleman” hit YouTube three days ago and is already at a whopping 86 million views so what the hell. I figured I’d post it here in case you guys haven’t seen it already (unlikely).

It’s got some pretty sick beats but it’s sorely lacking the radass dance moves that made “Gangnam Style” explode like an H-bomb on the interwebs.

Also there’s something about a grown-ass man acting like a brat for an entire music video that’s gets a little old about a minute in.



Comments, thoughts, suggestions? Anyone out there musically inclined will have no doubt noticed that structurally this song is identical to “Gangnam Style”.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right?

I’ll say one thing though, the verse melody is already stuck like old chewing gum in my head.

Well done strange Korean man.

Well done.


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