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Ducks Are Very, Very Fucked Up

PLUSH_2711_ALT_4b5488a6362b0Jesus. I actually have no idea how to describe what I’ve just seen and almost feel bad re-posting it here for you, my poor unsuspecting readers, to have to try to deal with.

Ducks, as it turns out, are extremely, extremely fucked up. You know the famous expression “fuck a duck”? Probably not seeing as I invented it… but anyway, long story short, do not EVER fuck a duck. EVER.

What you’re about to see is two things 1) Expertly narrated by Morgan Freeman and 2) the very stuff nightmares are made of. I am not being over dramatic here, think very carefully before you watch this because it will destroy your perception of ducks forever.

Good luck watching this soldier. I’ll be right here when it’s over, probably also staring at my screen in total disbelief.

Here goes…



Yeah. What the actual fuck.

I’m going home to scrub myself raw with steel wool and rubbing alcohol.

And to think I fed those fuckers my bread.

Never again.