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Escape Monday: Bastille Performing In The British Museum

tumblr_mkfkwscZ8b1qlmrr1o1_1364575136_coverI’m deviating from my norm when it comes to Escape Monday posts and instead of posting a series of beautiful images, I’m just posting one video that really hit home when I saw it last week.

I have my main man Peggles to thank for this video, he sent it last week and though I’d heard the song countless times before on radio, this version really made me realise what an amazing piece of music this is.

For me, this is what music, real music, is about. There’s no fancy production, no weird blips or bleeps or squelchy basslines or epic drops. Just four guys, one guitar, some pretty creative percussion and a whole lotta heart.

This is Bastille with “Pompeii”. Enjoy.



Hope that helped you guys to Escape Monday for a bit. I know it sure as hell helped me.

Have an awesome day guys.

Your Tiger pal,