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#GetDirty And Win A Trip To JHB For A Face-Meltingly Rad Converse Party

heroIt’s competition time again boys and girls and today we are giving away a very special prize courtesy of SlickTiger Industries and Converse that will melt your face off or your money back!

If you’re into bands like Zebra & Giraffe, BLK JKS, Shadowclub, Reason and Vigilante then I’ve got good news because if you win THIS COMPETITION, you’ll be seeing them all live next Saturday.

See, Converse (being the badasses that they are) are throwing a MASSIVE party in Joburg at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown next Saturday and I’m giving away a double ticket to the event which includes a trip by motherflippin train from CT to JHB and hotel accommodation on the Sat night.


The Armikrog Cometh!

83714ad93e95352aebb5009320da27ce_largeI’ll say one thing for 2013, it’s turning out to be a pretty radass year it terms of cool shit coming out (wait, that didn’t come out right… wait, nor did that…)

Not only have some of my favourite bands released albums (Queens Of The Stone Age, The National, Iron & Wine, The Strokes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), but they’ve all been pretty damn good.

Then, later this year I’ll be releasing a little creating of my own in the form of a little Tiger cub, which I’m also hoping will be pretty rad and lastly, there’s ARMIKROG!


Escape Monday: Awesome Pieces Of Street Art

28-Imaginative-Examples-Of-Creative-Street-Art-20Blink and the entire weekend is over before it began. Crazy how quickly weekends go by, how soon we find ourselves back here, back at our laptops getting bombarded by emails once again.

It’s nice to imagine people who don’t have to endure the same office-bound existence that we do. I take comfort in the thought that there are free spirits out there, running amok, doing all the crazy shit I can’t.

Graffiti is an expression of that kind of freedom. In a perfect world, graffiti artists would be contracted by cities to cover ugly public buildings with bright-coloured images and thought-provoking  pieces of art like the ones you’re about to see.


Angels From Hell – Another Badass 8 Tracks Mix From Your Tiger Pal

8D92F4FFFThat’s right boys and girls, your Tiger pal’s been busy putting together another suh-lick 8Tracks mix to blow your fragile little minds clear into the weekend, ffffffffffuck yeah!

This time around I thought I’d focus on the fairer sex because in my humble opinion there is a fuckload of very cool, fresh and genuinely incredible rock music being made by girls at the moment.

So here are 18 tracks from a whole buncha bands you may never have heard of (Anna Calvi? Cults? Marissa Nadler? Savages? The Kills? Hello? Is this thing on?) because I’m rad like that and I think you guys will really like this stuff.


Surgeon Simulator’s Day OFf

hqdefaultUnless you’ve actually played the online game “Surgeon Simulator”, which I posted about / reviewed here, the video you’re about to see is not going to make any sense whatsoever.

If you don’t have the time to click that link, read the (very brief) post and actually play ‘Surgeon Simulator”, then let me quickly sum the entire game up on a sentence or two.

Basically, your goal is to perform a heart transplant by guiding the surgeon’s hand (controlled by the mouse), picking up surgical instruments (the keys ‘a’, ‘w’, ‘e’, and ‘r’ control the pinkie, ring, middle and index fingers respectively while space controls the thumb) and hoping for the best.


iPad Game Review: Badland

badlands-icon-100032922-largeLookit your Tiger pal, banging out these flippin’ quality posts just like the old days – reviewing the shit out of shit, helping you guys find rad things to ram into your hungry little brains, what a badass!

Now that I’ve completed the creative writing course I was toiling away at for the past ten weeks, I have slightly more time to dedicate to this site, which I’m pretty happy about.

Believe it or not, every time I have to just repost a funny video to ensure there’s a constant stream of posts on this site, I die inside a little. But enough of that, let’s talk about BADLAND, the raddest iPad game you’ve never played.


Escape Monday: Backstage Riders From Famous Bands In Pics

Photo © Tim Gander. All rights reserved. TEL: 07703 124412.You guys ever heard the famous story of Van Halen and the clause in his concert contract that said if the band found a single brown M&M in the bowl backstage they could cancel an appearance on the spot?

It’s gone down in rock legend as one of the most self-indulgent, childish clauses in a backstage rider contract ever. What a bunch of egotistical douchebags right?

Wrong. As it turns out, that clause was specifically written into their contract amidst literally hundreds of other highly technical clauses as a way of seeing whether or not the technical specifications of the contract had been thoroughly read and complied with.


Album Review: The Bedroom Hour – Themes

ThemesThe Down Lizzo:

I’m the world’s biggest music snob. I don’t know how it happened, one day I just woke up and I was just this snobby arsehole when it came to music, like the worst hipster you know multiplied by 1000.

As such, there’s nothing that gives me more pleasure than discovering a talented band before they release their debut EP / album.

In the case of The Bedroom Hour, a five-piece post-Britpop / alternative rock band based in London I got in there from ground zero whilst visiting the UK last year and have stayed in touch with the guys ever since.


A Hardline Review Of The Lumia 920 Courtesy Of Your Tiger Pal

002It’s no secret that Nokia and I are friends from way back. Just look at that advert on your right, go ahead do it. What does it say? That’s right, it says somethingsomething NOKIA somethingsomething.

Such is my relationship with Nokia that even their top brass over in Finland has read this site. True story (that I’ll get into another time), but despite this I still try to retain some integrity when reviewing their phones.

That’s why I’m calling this a HARDLINE REVIEW. I’m not going to pull any punches here people, I’m going to tell you straight up what I think about the Nokia Lumia 920 I’ve been using for the past month.