Escape Monday: Floaty Girls

NikolayTikhomirov9The craziest thing about this Monday is that I have no idea yet how badly I want to escape it. It only turned Monday 17 minutes ago at the time of writing this, so who knows what the day ahead will hold.

Having said that, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’ll want to escape it based purely on the fact that the weekend has ended and for the next five days I’m going to be working like a slave.

I always find the middle months of the year after April are when things really kick into high gear work-wise. So before today kicks your ass in the head, dig these awesome pics of floaty girls.













The photographer behind this crazy series of pics is Nikolay Tikhomirov (check out more of his work here).

What I’d like to know is how he managed to create these images. Conventional wisdom says insane deep etching on Photoshop, but that doesn’t really explain how he got these girls in these poses in the first place.

I’m going to go with “magic” on this one. The man is obviously some kind of Russian Wizard like Rasputin or something.

Have a killer day folks Winking smile


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