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I Have A Whole New-Found Respect For Russell Brand

Russ-BFor a long time I thought Russell Brand was a gigantic wanker, BUT having watched the video I’m about to show you guys, it’s not an opinion I’m very proud of anymore.

I formed this opinion after watching a DVD of one of his early stand-up comedy gigs which I found awkward and not very funny. Then he started dating Katy Perry and my dislike of him increased tenfold.

I liked him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek though, which was why I decided to take eight and a half minutes to watch him OWN the morning presenters of MSNBC in a recent interview and holy shit, it was worth every second.

Take it away Russ.



So many awesome parts, but if I had to list my favourites they would be:

  • His expression at 2.00 when blondie lands the self-depreciating line about the mental illness she brings to the table
  • The way none of them have any idea how to respond to his summary of what “The Messiah Complex” is about
  • His subtle backhand of “Ghandi, go!”
  • Him yelling at the randoms in the background to “Work more quietly!”
  • The way Brand shoots down the jock-looking asshole’s comment about not understanding Brand’s accent when he’s listening to Brand on satellite radio in his car. “Rather focus on driving” – priceless
  • The part when he thanks them for their “casual objectification” of him
  • “Who is Willy?” I mean holy fuck. Willy? Really? You can’t even get his fucking name right?
  • “Is this what you all do for a living?” Everything after this point is gold. The way he takes over the show and is a million times better as a news anchor than any of them could ever hope to be is hilarious. Their comeback? Talk more about his weird accent and pretend that he’s not in the room. For the THIRD time
  • The “shaft grasper” comment at the end. Again, what a fucking legend
  • And lastly, the titles onscreen. Read them carefully, they change dynamically to describe just how much Russell is tearing into the incompetent buffoons they actually pay money to read the morning news

Anyway. I thought that was brillliant. Russell Brand, you are a total badass and I take back any shitty thing I ever said about you.

Intelligence: 1.
Jaw-dropping stupidity: 0