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Kodaline have The Most Intense Music Videos

DavosRemember when I posted a music video by the band Kodaline? The track was called “All I Want” and I’m not ashamed to admit the first time I watched I may have gotten a little choked up.

I mean shit guys, I’m only human. That video was brilliant, it was like watching an entire feature film in 3 minutes. Also, I miss music videos like that one and the ones that came out in the 90s and early 2000s.

Remember Radiohead’s “Just”? Or Coldplay’s “The Scientist”? Those were great videos that told a story, which is why I thought that Kodaline video and the one I’m about to show you are both so brilliant.

I guess I also miss this style of music. Sure, it’s been done to death and a lot of bands have really fucked it up and made it unbearably shit and oversentimental, but once in awhile a band comes around that strips everything back down to the basics and focuses on getting them right, which is what Kodaline does so well.

Here. This is what I’m talking about.



Powerful stuff hey? Really loved that. But I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “Damn, I wish Slick had posted the other video right here for me to watch.”

Let it be. Here’s “All I Want”.



Sho. Emotional stuff. Must be getting soft now that I’m going to be a dad Winking smile

Speaking of which, as you read this I’ll be going to our 33 week scan to see how our little cub is coming along. You’ll be happy to know that so far all our scans have been really healthy, everything is happening as it should and on the 12th August I will hold my little girl for the first time.

Ain’t that wonder.