White Collar Prohibition Style Boxing Hits Cape Town

Nothing But TroubleThere’s this guy I work with, name’s “Big City”, comes into work one day and says, “I’m a boxer now. My opening fight’s on 13th July. DJs and shit will be there, it’ll be rad.”

He had me at “I’m a boxer now” because isn’t that every man’s dream? Get into a ring, mano-e-mano and duke it out like our forefathers and their forefathers have been doing in some form since the dawn of man?

The event’s called “Nothing But Trouble” and it features 7 bouts of amateur, White Collar boxing all in aid of the “Dare To Share” charity. It’s going down this Saturday (13th July) at Sideshow (previously The Fez) and it’s gonna be sick.

There’s also a whole 1920s prohibition theme to the night, so think Boardwalk Empire / Great Gatsby style only the booze will be totally legal.



A bunch of cool brands like Boston Breweries, Kopparberg Cider, Bains Cape Mountain Whiskey and Monks are on board, so we sure as hell won’t go hungry or dry.

Throw in DJ James Copeland with his signature strong swing flavour, a prize for best dressed and a buncha White Collar mofos sluggin it out in the ring and you have all the makings of a pretty radass night.

Here are the official details:

Date: 13 Jul 2013
Time: 18:00 until late
Venue: Side Show
Location: 11 Mechau Street
Price: R150p/p
Phone: +27 (0) 76 797 5579
Website: www.facebook.com/NothingButTroubleWCB

See you crazy cats there. Oh and remember, if the bookie comes around, Big City’s your man Winking smile


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