Blatant Power Thirst Rip-Off Ad For Mineral Water Is… Actually Pretty Damn Hilarious…

Beat-batting!I had to scour the interwebs for this one folks, no lies. I thought being Friday and all I’d get off easy, do a little web-trawling, find something suitably Friday-ish and carry on with life, but no.

You see, the interwebs doesn’t work like that. You don’t just jump onto it demanding rad content so that your lazy ass doesn’t actually have to produce anything original, that’s just not how it goes.

You have to approach gently, lovingly and be like, “Interwebs, please show me something rad and random and if you don’t, that’s ok too”. Then, and only then, will rad content like the video I’m about to show you reveal itself.

Before we get into it, here’s a little history lesson in internet awesomeness in case you missed the classic POWERTHIRST videos that did the rounds in ‘07.

It started… with the err… first one…?



But THEN! Powerthirst REDOMINATION happened…



And to top it all off, there was Powerthirst 3: POWERMOST.



So yeah, you get the idea. Lots of shouting total nonsense, ridiculously over-manly man-stuff and more irony than you can fit in a warehouse of irony, a WIRONY!

And then I saw this ad for mineral water which, though it’s flippin’ hilarious, felt vaguely familiar…



“You’ll be sexy like a TIGER in a BUGATTI powered by liquefied thoughts about the size of the UNIVERSE!”

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed having nonsense shouted at you for the last 15 minutes as much as I’ve enjoyed dragging you into this weird, dark corner of the interwebs.

Have a killer weekend Party People, see ya’ll on the other side.


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