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Tiger shotFeels a little weird to be writing something as banal as this post (which basically just says I’m back in the game and am going to try get back to posting everyday on the site) after the last one I wrote.

Everything I’ve tried to write since that last post has felt arbitrary but I need to get back to writing, even if it’s just fluff, because life without blogging feels a lot emptier somehow.

Many of you have asked what happened after that last post – did the baby live? Did they catch the driver? Sadly, I haven’t heard anything. I’ve searched online for news, but the only hit I get is this site.

The neighbours downstairs said that the crowd that gathered was able to identify the driver from what the mother said. I hope they catch that fucker and lock him away for the rest of his days. I still feel sick thinking about that day.

In lighter news, I’m slowly getting a hang of this whole dad thing. It’s a steep learning curve, that much I can say without a moment’s hesitation. Also, of the thousands of bits and pieces of advice we were given, the people who said “Be prepared for all your expectations to be turned completely upside down,” gave the most valuable input.



That and this incredible line J-Rab read me in the book Origins by Annie Murphy Paul. The author wrote the book whilst pregnant with her second child and in it she tackles the nature vs nurture debate head-on, looking specifically at how the 9 months we spend in the womb shape the rest of our lives (it’s a great read if you’re an expectant parent).

Anyway, in the final chapter she describes what it was like when she had her C-section for her second baby – how it felt when they delivered the baby and what it was like to see her baby for the first time.

“There’s nothing more real than a baby,” she writes right at the end of the book and I swear, that line has echoed in my head ever since.

There is nothing more real than a baby.

For me it just feels like everything in my life up until this point, all the happiness and heartache I’ve experienced, has just been a warm-up. All the epic failures and successes until now suddenly seem almost trivial when faced with the overwhelming responsibility of caring for this tiny little life.



We’re playing for keeps now, the stakes have never been higher and as scary as it feels sometimes, it also feels so right, like life has taken its natural course and everything is happening exactly the way it’s supposed to happen.

So with that, let’s get things back on track here at Tiger HQ shall we?

One more time ladies and gentlemen.

From the top Winking smile


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