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Russell Brand continues To Be A Total Badass In TV Interviews

BrandWhat started out for me as an awesome moment on an American morning talk show where Russell Brand made an entire group of TV presenters look like idiots has since grown into a genuine admiration of this man.

Watching the interview below, I can’t believe this is the same guy I used to think was a gigantic self-obsessed wanker who was good for telling crude jokes and little else.

If you study political theory though, you’ll know that the most dangerous political leaders are the ones that are powerfully charismatic, emotionally manipulative and boiling over with passion, but DAYUM! I’d vote for Brand, the man knows his stuff.


Cults New Video And Single Are What’s Missing From Your Life

Cults Screenshot20110405at11_49_49AMIf you don’t know Cults, it’s time you did something about that. If you asked me what are my top three one-girl-one-guy bands, it would definitely be Blood Red Shoes, The Kills and Cults, hands down.

In close fourth would be The White Stripes, but only because they haven’t put anything out since Icky Thump which is a fucking killer album but that was what, 2007?

Anyway, Cults only have two albums out so far, their self-titled debut from 2011 and Static which dropped a couple weeks back and both albums are really solid. Vintage indie loaded with nostalgia, slick hooks and mesmerising vocals.


Join Team Tiger And The BUFF CHARNAS And Run For Your Balls

DDDR_3_Medium_280_210_80auto_sI once rote in the SlickTiger Guide To Klapping Gym, Boet that in a gym situhation, a oke is NOTHING without his charnas but in a LIFE situhation, a oke is NOTHING without his balls.

A oke’s balls contains all his POWER. Think about it, what is in balls? SPERM, boet! And what is in sperm? PROTEIN, boet! And what does protein make? MUSCLES, boet!

So what does a oke need to seriously klap it on a other level? BALLS, CHARNA! It’s time to catch a flippin WAKE UP, you gotta look after your balls and THAT’S why you’re gonna join Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas and run for your balls in a red speedo.


Escape Monday: With A Video That Will Make You Hallucinate

Tripping Balls_1c98a5_3904283I was super-sceptical about this one. It sounded like one of those “Forward this email to 15 people and you’ll win the lottery!” type scams, but I watched the video anyway and sure enough, it worked!

If you’ve never taken hallucinogenic drugs before the effects of this video might freak you out but don’t worry, it wears off after about 5 seconds and things return to normal… I hope…

Of course, there’s always the worry that this video might be planting something dangerous deep down in your subconscious mind, but I don’t think it’s very likely. Just kick, back watch this video on full screen (needs sound) and escape Monday whilst tripping balls at work.


I Have Found The Worst / Creepiest Song Of All Time

bc-2900The internet is like an infinite onion. There are layers under layers under layers of so much content with so much more being added that to even consume 1% of that would probably take you a lifetime.

And yet people who use the internet every day tend to stick to a handful of popular sites and that’s all they see. Me, I like to dig a little deeper every now and then and am almost never disappointed by what I find.

The music video you’re about to see is the reason why I will never EVER be a mainstream blogger. I just find utter shit like this hilarious.


“Electronic Blood” Soon To Be A Reality

terminatorIt’s not often that I post tech-related stuffs here on TFW, but when I read this piece on Mashable this morning it blew my mind to tiny little pieces so I thought I’d share it with you guys.

IBM is looking for a way to cool computers the way the human body cools the brain because one of the major setbacks when it comes to boosting computing power and processing speeds is overheating.

IBM’s Patrick Ruch and Bruno have built a proof-of-concept computer chip that contains tiny channels that would circulate an electrolyte fluid past electronic components in order to cool them down.


Dark Knight Rises Giveaway Courtesy of @MNetMovies And YTP

239080id1a_MR_DkKnt_BOB_BusShelter_48inW_x_70inH_100.inddHow gangster is that headline? I know that got your attention straight up because you like winning cools stuffs and are curious as to what a “YTP” could be. Regular readers of this site got that one straight away.

Am I right guys? [SFX: Crickets]. Ok, awesome, moving right along then. This Sunday at 20:30, @MnetMovies (channel 103) is screening Batman: The Dark Knight Rises for the first time on South African TV.

To celebrate I’m giving away the most badass Batman bobblehead in the history of Batmen bobbleheads. This is no ordinary bobblehead. This is a bobblehead hand-crafted from 100% awesome.

Here’s what we’re dealing with:


A Typical Relation-SHIT In 5 Minutes

RelationshitIf you’re a fan of Dane Cook, you’ll know exactly what a relation-SHIT is, but even if you’re not it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure it out and I can guarantee you know at least three people in relation-SHITS.

The problem is that loneliness is a motherfucker. It’s like fucking Chinese water torture, it does very strange things to people and is a major cause of relation-SHITS.

Loneliness makes people to get into relation-SHITS with people they should definitely never, ever, ever have started dating. They do this because even a hellish relation-SHIT with someone you have nothing in common with is better than sleeping in an empty bed.


The Tiger Talks Shit With Joe Theron, Singer For Woodstock Mafia

Woodstock-MafiaWe’re trying a new thing on the site today kids, so don’t freak out ok? Today we’re inviting someone who isn’t me onto the site to chat to ya’ll in what us gonzo journalist types like to call “an interview”.

I hope to do a whole bunch of these “interviews” on the site with different people that are rad and who deserve all the love and respect the interwebs can muster.

So here’s an interview I conducted over a month ago with Joe Theron from Woodstock Mafia who is a not only a stand-up guy, but is also a very patient man for waiting this long for your Tiger Pal to actually post this interview.


An Honest Trailer To Celebrate The New Season Of Walking Dead

THE-WALKING-DEAD-SEASON-4-POSTER-the-walking-dead-34243068-1048-736As much as I love The Walking Dead, there are also moments when I’m watching the show and wondering why the hell I’m still watching the show. When it’s good it’s awesome but when it’s bad… yirre…

That’s why once in awhile it’s important to put things into perspective with another awesome “Honest Trailer”. If you guys haven’t seen what they put together for Walking Dead, you are seriously missing out.

If you really, really love the show probably don’t watch this because it will definitely change your opinion of the entire series by highlighting everything about it that is kak.

Dig it: