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A Typical Relation-SHIT In 5 Minutes

RelationshitIf you’re a fan of Dane Cook, you’ll know exactly what a relation-SHIT is, but even if you’re not it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure it out and I can guarantee you know at least three people in relation-SHITS.

The problem is that loneliness is a motherfucker. It’s like fucking Chinese water torture, it does very strange things to people and is a major cause of relation-SHITS.

Loneliness makes people to get into relation-SHITS with people they should definitely never, ever, ever have started dating. They do this because even a hellish relation-SHIT with someone you have nothing in common with is better than sleeping in an empty bed.

The following video is a pretty accurate breakdown of a typical relation-SHIT in about 5 mins. I think this is supposed to depict a normal relationship but if the guy you’re dating wants to internet date and sleep with other girls and the girl you’re dating flirts with your bestie behind your back, there’s a good chance you’re in a relation-SHIT.

Check it:



They will definitely get back together. Then they will break up again. Then they will get back together. Then they will break up again. Then they will get back together and get engaged because six years have now passed and they’re staring at the business end of their mid-thirties.

Don’t get into relation-SHITS people. Tough it out. The perfect person for you is out there.