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Vice Magazine Finds The Real Walter White

The Real WWSheeit, I might as well just call this the Breaking Bad fansite. I hardly post for three weeks and then it’s BreakingBadBreakingBadBreakingBad until your eyeballs are bleeding all over your keyboard.

But this video needs to be watched by you right now. It’s the story of the real Walter White – an actual meth cook who became a drug kingpin in the early 2000s before he was taken down by the fuzz.

It’s a helluva lot less glamorous than the show. For starters, all he did was cook the meth, leave it at random collection points and then go back the next day to collect a big fat wad of cash.


A Post From The Darkest Hour

Stay-Awake-All-NightThey say 3am is the darkest hour or the witching hour as it’s also known. Some people think it’s 12am, but I can tell you from experience, it’s definitely 3am when the world is dead asleep.

Remember what a big deal it was to stay awake until this time when you were a kid? Or how crazy it felt the first time you stayed awake all night and watched the sun rise the next day?

Thinking back, those were my first few experiences of the darkest hour, it was all excitement and this feeling like I was getting away with something.


I’m Blogging! And It’s Not An Escape Monday Post!

BB Final ReadYeah, a sign of things to come? Christ I hope so. I been so unbelievably snowed under for the last three weeks you guys have no idea. I don’t blog, I don’t klap gym, I hardly see my girls, it’s nuts.

Not seeing The Cub and J-Rab is the worst, but right there in second place is blogging. All those hits I try so hard to grow, all diminishing day after day, fahk.

It will take me about a month of solid posting to get those hits back. So let’s get to it with this RADASS video of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reading the Breaking Bad finale for the first time.


Escape Monday: National Geographic Photo Contest 2013

s_n31_13229818This time around, I’m not making any promises. Last week I said I’d be posting every day and yeah… work ended up drilling me so hard I could hardly walk straight.

This time around I’m not making any promises. If I can, I will post. More than that I can’t promise until things calm down a little, which I’m hoping they will as December creeps ever closer.

In the meantime, here are some of the entrants in this year’s National Geographic photo contest. Apparently the entries for this are still open until 30th November so these incredible photos aren’t even the winners.


Escape Monday: With Satirical Art

satirical-art-pawel-kuczynski-19It’s been a long-ass time since I posted last, I’m going to try to make up for the shocking lack of posts by NAILING IT every day this week like I normally do, but I can’t promise that that will happen.

At the moment, I’m locked into the final huge sprint for the finish line that is December holidays and it’s pretty brutal. All there is to do is keep your head down and keep on keepin’ on. The only way out is through.

In the meantime though, here are some thought-provoking pieces of satirical art from Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski so you can feel like you’re sticking it to the man yo!


Team Tiger Saves Balls

DDR5We did it okes. Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas got together for a good cause and ran for our balls at the DAREdevil Run 2013. To all the ous who joined Team Tiger, you charnas are LEGENDS!

In fact, to all the ous who ran the DAREdevil Run in Cape Town, you are the BUFFEST ous in the land. To go out their in a red speedo and run up and down Seapoint promenade getting wolve whistles takes BALLS.

I must say though, the actual RUNNING part was a flippin’ weird sensation for me. After 10 minutes it was like a ou was pouring flippin BATTERY ACID into my legs, yirre!


Escape Monday: “Wild Art” is All Kinds Of Awesome

046CarolHummelI always stick by the time-honoured adage “I don’t know art, but I know what I like” because there’s a lot of wanky high-concept stuff out there that people love that I just plain don’t understand.

Then there’s “Wild Art”, a book by authors David Carrier and Joachim Pissaro that takes a look at today’s coolest and craziest art, which comprises of instantly likeable pieces like the ones I’m about to show you.

I like the idea behind “Wild Art” because the people that have created these pieces are not part of the mainstream art world, but have reached a level of fame where they are able to make a living off their talents.


Today’s The Day We Run For Our Balls, Boet

DaredevilsIn history, ous remember the heroes. They remember the 300 charnas with lekker six packs and red cloaks kicking other ous down a hole because they don’t know that that was SPARTA.

They remember that GLADIATOR oke what told ous to unleash hell and then MOERED THE KAK out of any charna dumb enough to try his flippin luck.

And they remember that Titanic oke, what got Kate Winslet (BELTER) to show us all her boobs when he painted her like one of his French Binnets and then froze to death in the flippin sea because he was a gentleman and wanted her to float on the door by herself.



30th-birthdayYou guys might have noticed that I’ve been slacking again when it comes to posts – that’s because my weekend was a bit of a wild one and I wasn’t able to stockpile anything for the week like I usually do.

Friday I went to an awesome wedding at Suikerbossie where a lot of tequila was drunk and good times had by all and on Saturday I celebrated a pretty intense milestone because yeah. I’m thirty now.

My actual birthday was on Sunday but on Saturday I had a chilled braai with some friends, nothing too crazy because I’m a dad now so I couldn’t really lose my shit completely with a two month old baby.


Still Time To Be A Buff Charna For Your Balls

Daredevil 1_0Hazit ous! First order of business is first, the original button I put in the last post about joining Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas had a problem in that their were typos in the tweet it made and kak.

It also sent a tweet that didn’t copy ME, Slicky-T in it so if you joined the team (I can see FOUR okes has clicked the button so far) just write your name in the comments below. Shot my bruddahs!

If you HAVEN’T joined Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas to run around in a lekker red speedo looking tit on Friday for the DAREdevil Run 2013, then here is youre chance!