One Of The Most Harrowing Videos I’ve Ever Seen

Base JumpIt really takes a lot to shock me. My poor, tired, old, twisted mind has seen so much unbelievably fucked up shit both on the interwebs and on occasion, in real life too, that I’ve become pretty desensitised.

So for me to call a video “harrowing”, you better believe it’s pretty intense sheeit. I watched this with absolutely no explanation of what I was going to see so that’s all the explanation I’m going to give you.

Don’t freak out though, this isn’t 2-Girls-1-Cup kinda fucked up, it’s just a very, very intense GoPro video of things going very wrong for someone. Watch in full screen for maximum impact.



Yoh. That part where he hits the rocky outcrop. You can almost feel his hopelessness as he approaches it. You know it’s coming, but you’re hoping he’ll miss it somehow and then BAM!

The base jumper in this video, Thayer Healey, apparently survived with a fractured vertebrae, stitches and back, wrist and hand sprains, pretty minor considering what he went through.

Wonder if he’ll ever base jumped again?

Knowing these crazy fuckers the answer is probably “yes”.


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