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How Wolves Change Rivers

wild-wolf-super-hd-2-0-s-307x512Variety is the spice of life boys and girls and that’s why here on Them’s Fightin’ Words we like to mix all kinds of weird stuffs together with absolutely no rhyme or reason other than the fact that I feel like it.

This next video is pretty damn amazing though. I know I don’t normally post wildlife videos but this one really stood out above the rest because it documents how wolves change rivers.

That’s right, wolves have hidden, river-changing SUPERPOWERS that nobody knows about except you, me, and the interwebs. If you can handle the trying-very-hard-to-be-Richard-Attenborough narration and have even the vaguest interest in wildlife, this video will blow your mind.


Is The Wii U The Worst Console To Ever Be Designed Ever? (Part 2, The Final Part)

skyward-sword-failIf you missed Part 1 of my personal experience with Nintendo’s newest console, click here for the lowdown. I ended that part by asking a few pressing questions about this console that have been bothering me.

Those questions were: Why is the Wii U so crap? How did Nintendo manage to fail so dismally after getting it so right with the Wii? What does the future hold for Nintendo now that the Wii U has tanked?

In answering these questions I actually got off my lazy ass for a change and did some reading up about the Wii U and here’s what I found.


Miley Cyrus’ Best And Worst Covers

MileyWith ol’ Miley paying so much attention to developing her “aesthetic” it’s pretty easy to forget the fact that behind all the sticky-outy tongue action and attention-gabbing twerking, the girl can sing.

Well, sometimes… I stumbled on a video of her covering Outkast’s “Hey Ya” and decided to dig a little deeper for more covers she’s done as I remember seeing something about her covering Arctic Monkeys recently.

The result was equal parts mesmerising and horrifying. The mesmerising part is how many different tones she can sing in. The horrifying part is how she chooses to use them and the fact that she once tried to cover Nirvana.


Escape Monday: By Being Admitted To A Lunatic Asylum

Portrait_of_a_patient_from_Surrey_County_Asylum,_no._3_(8407139555)I can honestly not think of anything more terrifying than being admitted to a lunatic asylum, except maybe one in the 1800s. Rewind time by 200 years or so and the day-to-day happenings in loony bins was the stuff of nightmares.

A bad combination of a lack of knowledge and empathy when it came to treating people with mental disorders coupled with barbaric medical practises lead to some of the pictures you are about to see.

You can find more at So Bad So Good if morbid curiosity gets the better of you. Otherwise check out the ones I’ve posted below to remind you that there are worse things than being back at work today.


Weekend Playlist – Tunes To KLAP To

marko_savolainenIf you think the music that plays in the gym is pretty schweet then I got some bad knews for you pal – you are flippn RETARDED! FULL REATARD! The doffest of the lot boedie.

Gym music in most gyms is crehated to STOP you from going into full on BEAST MODE because if every charna in a gym went into FULL ON BEAST MODE AT THE SAME TIME, the whole flippin place would EXPLODE!

So they play lekker moffie kak like Katie Parrow and flippin Brittany Spies. That kak will NEVER get a oke MASSIVE AND RIPPED. That’s where your buddy ol’ pel Slicky-T comes into the thing.


Is The Wii U The Worst Console To Ever Be Designed Ever? (Part 1)

black1In my 30 years of existence, I have owned exactly one console which is a bizarre fact for someone who has gamed since he was six years old. Oh wait, I lie. I owned a Game Boy back in the day, does that count?

For the most part I was a PC gamer in my youth and teenage years though I sank countless hours into my friends’ Golden Chinas, SNESes, Playstations and Playstation 2s whenever the opportunity arose.

At the ripe old age of 29 I finally decided to buy my very own console and what did I go with? Did I pre-order a PS4 or X-Box One? No, I bought history’s worst thought-out, named and marketed console, the Wii U.


Tuesday LOLZ…? Featuring News Bombs And Meshuggah Faces

Meshuggah faceThis is a bit unorthodox I know, but I had to share these two videos with you guys, one of which was sent to me by my main man DJ Luke and the other from a regular contributor to this site, Civilian.

I’ve said it before, but news bloopers / autotuned news reports / news bombs all definitely rate right up there for me in terms of online content that cracks me up every time.

Then there’s the vid Civilian sent, which probably makes more sense if you’ve seen Wolf Of Wallstreet but is still pretty damn hilarious even if you haven’t. Gotta love death metal, the soundtrack of sexually frustrated people the world over.


Escape Monday: Insane Things Google Earth Has Found

rainbow-planeI was trawling the interwebs as I normally do for cool Escape Monday stuffs last night and swung by Twisted Sifter where I found a post about the 50 amazing finds on Google Earth.

I then chose my favourites from that bunch to repost for you guys below. The best thing about all these images is that they come with the co-ordinates where you can actually find them.

A LOT of weird shit going on in the Nevada Desert, that’s all I can say. It’s definitely a place I’d love to visit one day because yeah, it’s basically just a giant landing pad for UFOs from what I can tell…


A Story For Valentine’s Day

Fire-Heart-Wallpaper-HD1There’s a story I’ve been meaning to share with you guys for some time now and it being Valentine’s Day and all, I figure now’s as good a time as any.

Two days before J-Rab was scheduled to go in for her caesar, we decided to drive out to Stellenbosch and go back to where our life in Cape Town first started.

We were like two star-crossed salmon, swimming fin-in-fin back upstream to where it all began. It was early spring and the sun was beaming down on us as we rolled out the city, skyscrapers and ocean fading to mountains and vineyards.


Mental Note: Do NOT Confuse Samuel L Jackson With Laurence Fishburne. Ever.

Fishburne JacksonThis is an important lesson in doing your fucking research boys and girls, and it’s an important one to remember if you hang out in the kind of circles I do where running into A-list celebs is a daily occurrence.

Whatever happens, DO NOT CONFUSE SAMUEL L WITH LAURENCE FISHBURNE. And if you do, you’d better make damn sure it isn’t on live TV because holy shit, my man Samuel will tear you a new one.

And rightly so. I mean this is Samuel L we are talking about here, a guy who has become notorious for playing slick-talking badass black characters for over 20 fucking years.