Mental Note: Do NOT Confuse Samuel L Jackson With Laurence Fishburne. Ever.

Fishburne JacksonThis is an important lesson in doing your fucking research boys and girls, and it’s an important one to remember if you hang out in the kind of circles I do where running into A-list celebs is a daily occurrence.

Whatever happens, DO NOT CONFUSE SAMUEL L WITH LAURENCE FISHBURNE. And if you do, you’d better make damn sure it isn’t on live TV because holy shit, my man Samuel will tear you a new one.

And rightly so. I mean this is Samuel L we are talking about here, a guy who has become notorious for playing slick-talking badass black characters for over 20 fucking years.

You do not fuck with Samuel L Jackson. You do not fuck with this man!

Because if you do, this happens:



The problem I have with this clip is not necessarily the fact that the guy confused Samuel L with Laurence Fishburne (though that’s a MAJOR fuck up) but that he recovered from that blunder so badly.

I mean fer chrissake! Own it you spineless nincompoop! Stop trying to bulldoze your way through your blunder by trying incessantly to get in a question about Robocop.

People make mistakes, if this guy had done a better job of owning it instead of conceding that he needs a “spanking” this clip would probably have never ended up here in the first place.

Can we get a slow clap going here?


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